Friday, Love and Hip Hop’s Masika dropped a bomb during an interview on Power 106FM. She revealed that she is six months pregnant with rapper Fetty Wap’s baby. Incase you missed it, Fetty and Masika were spotted spending a lot of time together a few months ago and now according to the evidence underneath Masika’s shirt the two weren’t just hanging out.

Following the interview, Masika shared a racy photo on Instagram showing off her baby bump, however it seems that Fetty Wap is not here for the drama. The ‘Trap Queen’ rapper sent out a tweet throwing major shade Masika’s way after the news broke.

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In his latest tweet, Fetty Wap accused Maskia of needing a come up. He said,

Bitches posting pics now the world going crazy , she need a come up I understand that career lookin bad

Could it all be a publicity stunt? Share your opinion in the comments below.

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