He’s not done! He probably never will be either…but 50 is back at it with his relentless mocking of Rick Ross’ persona, career, and now album sales for his new album Black Market. Hit the jump to see the insults Fif had this time around for the “Bawse”.

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“Is that a rock or a brick?” – 50 Cent.

50 interrupted his This is 50 interview with former Remy Boy P-Dice, just to poke fun at Ricky Rozay and his current album sales.

Reading from his phone, 50 jabbed:

“Black Market, Def Jam, 34,000. Is that a rock or a brick?”

Fif went on to say “Anybody woulda panicked”, of the rapper’s poor album sales, and alleged that Rick Ross even bought 15,000 copies of the 34,000 reportedly sold.

Ross was projected to sell roughly 60,000 copies of Black Market – which is already a low figure considering he is a major-label artist of his caliber. Last year Ross dropped two albums in Mastermind and Hood Billionaire. He also just released a mixtape called Black Dollar. Could Ross be his own worst enemy over saturating the market with music?

Despite Ross’ recent album failure, 50 went on to shine some light towards his current mixtape The Kanan Tape‘s success in the mixtape circuit citing it has 240,000 downloads in one day on Datpiff – earning it a silver certification on the site.

When comparing to the younger generation of hip-hop artists, 50 iterates:

“They’re doing everything we did from the start. They have hunger. I have discipline. When I focus, I can get to that point where I’m creating something that we can all appreciate.”

The Power producer than directs attention towards Jeremih, stating that “Feel Like Phil” from his recent Late Nights: The Album, supports his point. On the track, Jeremih references the 50 assisted “Down On Me” hit single – “I just did a song with 50 Cent, don’t give a fuck about a nigga’s two-some.”

In addition to recognizing Jeremih and clowning his arch nemesis Ricky Rozay, 50 says he’s going to announce a new television show at the top of 2016. Watch the interview below.