This Drake vs. Meek Mill beef will never go away. Recently, Meek Mill has gotten himself into some legal trouble by violating probation. To make matters worse, reports claim that fans of Drake called the Philadelphia district attorney who is dealing with the case to put Meek Mill behind bars. Hit the jump for more.

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Meek has been having a very tough end to the year and now it can possibly end up with the Philly rapper in jail. Meek even used a testimony from hip-hop’s queen bee Nicki Minaj. However, there’s still a big possibility of him ending up in a jail cell.

When prosecutor Noel DeSantis began her opening statement for the case, she brought up a situation where Meek Mill was briefly stopped on the Canadian border back in August. She said after the incident, Drake fans blew up her phone demanding for Meek to be arrested!

To me, that’s some real corny shit! Fans forget that these rappers and entertainers are normal people. They have family and close friends they have to take care of and you’re asking for one of them to be arrested? In the words of Meek, that’s some real “dweeb” shit right there.