As award season approaches, the nominees for the Golden Globes were announced yesterday. Quite surprisingly, Straight Outta Compton didn’t get a single nod, despite breaking records worldwide and being a box office smash. They’ve been nominated this week for the SAG Awards as well as the NAACAP Image Awards, however, and the best (the Oscars) is still yet to come. That being said, Ice Cube isn’t sweating it.

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Catching up with the legendary rapper/actor as he walked through LAX this morning with his son O’Shea Jackson Jr. (who played him in the film,) Cube told paparazzi:

“It’s all gravy, baby. Yeah, it’s a great movie for sure, but we’re getting recognized on a whole lot of levels, so everything from here on out is gravy. I don’t do this [to get nominated], man.”

That’s a great attitude to have!

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