A-Trak recently did an interview which he touched on many major 2015 hip-hop topics. So basically he talked about Drake, SWISH, Drake vs. Meek Mill, Frank Ocean’s mystery album, Drake, Travis Scott, and more Drake. In this interview, A-Trak confirms that Kanye is still working on his next album. He also says that the album does not sound like Kanye’s hit single ‘All Day’, but more like ‘Only One’. Hit the jump for more.

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This is what A-Trak had to say about Kanye’s new album:

Kanye’s not done so I’ve heard what he has, and I just heard such quality with both of projects. I don’t think that “All Day” is representative of the album. “Only One” is representative of parts of the album, and I love “Only One.” That’s the most extreme of one facet of his new sounds, but he keeps switching it up. He’ll only drop it when it feels ready, and from fall of last year up until a few weeks ago, he’s played me a bunch of stuff that is really great and new. He just needs to tie it all in and add the raps, but I’m not worried about it. He’s still the father of this shit.

Not going to lie, but this news is a bit disappointing. I’m sick of hearing Kanye singing with autotune. Hopefully he does it right and gives us another classic.

To read the full interview go here.