We all know a ” sub “ post when we see them and R&B singer Cassie just threw the ultimate subliminal message at Diddy making us question whether the two broke up or not. And when you see what she posted, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

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Cassie and Diddy are literally one of the hottest celebrity couples out! We love them together, but did the couple split?

Yesterday Cassie did what a lot of us do when we want someone to see something, so we post it on instagram or twitter but regret it after, so we delete it… Sounds familiar? Well thats exactly what Cassie did with a post that caught everyones attention.

The post was a meme of a sleeping baby that read

” How i sleep knowing I’m single and nobody cheating on me”.

She captioned the post

” Yesssss “

with a bunch of laughing emojis and soon after posting it , she deleted it.

Aside from this post Diddy was just spotted with his ex and the mother of his children Kim Porter, leaving a store in Hollywood the other day. I doubt this had anything to do with this current situation but it seems as if Cassie is unbothered because she’s currently shooting for the new movie ‘ Honey 3 ‘

The couple have been together for over seven years now, and it would truly be sad to see them split but hey, if there is infidelity in the picture maybe this split was due.

Check out the gallery to see Cassie’s post before it was deleted.