Eight members of a Korean girl pop band by the name of “Oh My Girl,” were held for 15 hours by the United States borders officials because they believed the girls were sex workers. Upon questioning, the girls were forced to fly home.

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“Oh My Girl” has girls ranging from ages 16 to 21. The girls were held at Los Angeles International Airport by customs and border officials. The airport started to get suspicious due to the number of staff the girls traveled with, and also the props and clothing the girls had. The girls press released a statement saying,

“As young women, they were mistaken as ‘working women’, which has recently been a big issue in the US.”

The officials suspected the woman were working the Koreatown nightlife scene. Koreatown was established in the 1960’s. It is one of the most densely populated districts in the Los Angeles County. The girls were suspected of being “Doumi” girls. These girls are paid by businesses to encourage men to drink. They are actually illegal and are being cracked down on.