Check out this hilarious video of how one woman caught her husband cheating on her, was able to stop him in the middle of the act, and send his mistress home in a taxi. Ladies take notes!

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Nae Bella | Twitter

Watch as this woman sits on the hood of her man’s BMW while his mistress waits in the passenger seat. Police try to mediate the situation to no avail, and after a few missed swings from the disgruntled wife the mistress is sent on her way in A TAXI!!

Now some may see this as a little psycho, but by the looks of the business attire and the shiny white BMW the man may be of some importance which means this mistress is messing with his wife’s livelihood. The mistress looked pretty young as well so we won’t doubt the possibility of him having coinage and being her sugar daddy. Besides, no wife wants to put in time and watch it all go out the window for someone who just wants to have a good time. Moral of the story, you have to do what you have to do! But ladies, if you’re gonna do something risky like sit on top of your man’s car, make sure he isn’t just as crazy and won’t drive off with you up there. Lol!

Ladies, what would you do? Fellas, how would you respond? Let us know in the comments below!