Sad news, VH1’s Mob Wives star Big Ang has just found out that her cancer has returned.

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Earlier this year, in March the reality Tv star went to the doctor for a serious neck pain and soon after found out she had cancer. She then went through an intense treatment and surgery and a few months later, in October Ang was informed with the great news that she was now cancer free.

Now, just two months have passed and Big Ang has learned that the cancer has returned. Tmz reports that Big Ang visited the doctor for a routine check up last week, and thats when she was told that the cancer is back.

It seems as if this time around things could be worse than before because according to Tmz the cancer was found in multiple parts of her body.

Big Ang is a true fighter, and she said once before she would beat cancer, and did! So this time around we know she will fight like hell and kick its behind one more time!

She’s due to head back to the doctor this week, according to reports.

Our thoughts and best wishes go out to Ang and her family.