One thing about Love & Hip Hop, you get a double dose of the drama; on-air and online. Throw Kat Stacks in the middle, and that double becomes a triple. Following the New York premiere on Monday night, Stacks thought new LHH cast member Cardi B wanted to be her “soooo bad.” Apparently, Mona Scott chose Cardi B because she couldn’t get her hands on the real deal.

“Atlanta casted me for Love & HipHop but told me I had to move for 2 months and get back with my ex and cheat on him with a baller.” Kat wrote. “I said No.”

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The “Crowned WorldStarHipHop Queen” who spent $10K on her booty says that the producers for the LA series made up an entire storyline for her, but it wasn’t one that swayed her way. It’s a “fake show,” as she calls it – well duh. They wanted her to date rapper Young Scrap, which was fine, however, making the location switch to Atlanta was not in her date planner, nor was getting back with her ex.

QUESTION: Atlanta cast Kat for LA? Hmm…

Any who, Young Scrap says everything that Kat is calling the series out for is “100% factual.”

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#IJS: I mean, whomever believes that the show is real is a damn fool any way. I call it a fiction short story. Hmm … you mean to tell me that the man I’m dating just so happens to show up with the woman he’s cheating with at a meeting that was scheduled in another state away from out home? Hell no. If reality were that real …

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