A win for the sistaz! The Marine Corps has finally changed their out of date rule that pretty much banned black women from being themselves. Their controversial hair regulations prohibited women serving in the Corps from wearing braids, locs, afros, and “matted and unkept” hair; this ban was clearly geared towards Black Women. In the latest revision of these regulations women are now permitted to wear two strand twist and thin locs.

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Nae Bella | Twitter

Although the new revision still comes with tight regulations to ensure that these styles are still worn in ways that look neat in uniform, this is definitely a step in the right direction.

The Marine Corps Uniform Board came to this agreement in October, based on a request from staff sergeant Marine Staff Sgt. Cherie Wright of II Marine Expeditionary Force, and they officially released a statement this Monday. According to Sgt. Wright, “this change is culturally liberating, has financial benefits and is simply convenient.”

Amen for the financial benefits because keeping afro-textured hair in styles that society considers “neat” can be extremely costly. Congrats to the sisters in the Marine Corps for this win and we can wait to see what other changes will be made for you benefit!

Source: Madame Noire