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Meek Mill headed back to court Thursday for his probation violation hearing and according to reports, things are not looking good. With girlfriend Nicki Minaj and many other supporters by his side, Meek faced this judge this morning while his attorneys called numerous character witnesses to the stand to speak on his behalf.

In case you missed it, Nicki Minaj took the stand last week for her boyfriend telling the judge, “He’s not perfect but I can’t believe how much he’s changed” and promising to help keep him in line.

Numerous others testified on Meek’s behalf, some calling him a “role model,” while others say he’s humble and that he and Nicki make a great couple. However the judge isn’t here for it…

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After one witness told the judge that Nicki Minaj is the perfect person to not only help to help Meek but also the the city of Philadelphia, the judge fired back saying,

“This court has done nothing but try to help the defendant.”

Seems likes she’s still pissed off about last weeks incident with the drug test. Testimony is still being given, we’ll keep you updated.

Source TMZ