Lupe fans will definitely be happy about this news. Lupe will be dropping the sequel to his most popular album, and it’s coming the winter of 2017. Hit the jump for more.

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To celebrates The Cool’s 8th birthday, Lupe took to Twitter to announce The Cool 2 is on it’s way. Lupe has previously mentioned he was working on The Cool 2, but now it seems like the album might actually come out.

The Cool is unquestionably a 2000s classic album, with countless of unforgettable tracks such as Dumb It Down, Little Weapon, Superstar, Paris, Tokyo, and more. I can honestly name the whole album track for track in order without looking at the tracklist. If The Cool 2 is anywhere close to the original, then hip-hop fans are in for a treat.

In case you missed it, Lupe recently dropped a mixtape called Pharaoh Heights, which shows he still got it.

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