Not many people are happy with Gilbert Arenas right now and he can pretty much care less. He has turned into just another low life troll on the internet, which is not surprising considering he has millions of dollars and clearly nothing to do with his life. After pretty much trashing WNBA players earlier this week, he doubled down on his opinion after the backlash came. Not many athletes besides WNBA players themselves have said anything pertaining to Arenas but former player Nate Robinson did and referred to his own daughter in the process.


Nate posted a picture of Arenas with the caption “I usually stay in my own lane but this was so uncalled for in so many ways… One cause I have a daughter who loves hoop, & one day she might want to make it to the WNBA one day, hoop is hoop no matter what a woman looks like … #LORD4giveusall”

Arenas himself has daughters but I guess with his logic he will never allow them to play basketball if they wanted to because they wouldn’t be dressed sexy enough. Smh!

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