If you are blessed to have a long career playing professional basketball, at some point you are going to get dunked on. It happens to everyone, except maybe James Harden because you have to actually try to play defense to get dunked on. No one else is immune from it, not even the best in the world like Lebron James. OKC big man Steven Adams threw a mean dunk down over the King but James knows it’s all part of the game.


Another angle:

After the game, a reporter asked him about being dunked on by “Scott Adams” to which Lebron corrected him and didn’t shy away from the fact he got dunked on.

“First off, his name is Steve and not Scott but that’s OK, he looks like a Scott because of the mustache I guess. I’ve been on both sides of that before. I’ve been dunked on and the other way around, I think that number is higher”.

Bron had to remind people in case they forgot, just how many times he was the one creating the poster and not being on the receiving end.