Last June, Tracy Morgan’s limousine was hit by Walmart truck driver Kevin Roper. One person was killed and many others were injured. Roper was going 20 mph over the speed limit at the time of the crash. He had been driving trucks for the company for nine months. Over the course of those nine months, he hd received a ton of complaints about his reckless driving.

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Roper is now demanding that the judge throw out all charges against him. David Glassman, Roper’s attorney made a statement to the Associated Press stating that the driver has not been indicted on a count of death by automobile and four counts of assault by automobile.

Glassman also says that his client is not able to get a fair trial due to all the negative publicity he has been getting.

“Civil cases are routinely stayed for criminal cases to proceed. Had that occurred and a stay issued in the civil case, a tsunami of negative pretrial publicity would have been avoided and Roper’s right to a fair trial would have been preserved.”

This man deserves to be charged for all the harm he has caused a lot of people. Negative publicity will never outweigh the damage that was done by this accident.

Source: Dailycaller