Tupac Biopic Starts Shooting This Summer
Tupac’s back! Actor Demetrius Shipp Jr. will be getting a huge break as he will play hip-hop legend Tupac Shakur in Morgan Creek Production’s “All Eyez On Me.” The movie will include Shakur’s whole entire life, even his death in 1996.

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Shipp’s father is no stranger to the music scene. His father actually got a chance to meet Shakur when he was alive. Ever since then, he has been a huge fan.
L.T. Hutton, the producer asked Demetrius to star as Shakur because of the obvious similarities. He clearly looks just like Shakur. Lets hope that the looks matches the acting and this movie will be dope! He took some crash acting classes 4 times a week.

Jamal Woolard who played Biggie Smalls in “Notorious” will also be playing Biggie in “All Eyez On Me.” From the looks of it, this movie is about to be dope!

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Source: TMZ