Finally things are coming to a closure with the feud between The Game and Stitches. Stitches sat down and spoke with XXL about the whole thing. He says that hopefully soon they can settle their differences.

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Stitches says the feud started after he peeped a tweet that he knew was about him. Basically saying Game got the Twitter fingers going.

“Basically what happened was, I saw some tweet that said some specific sh-t about grabbing a ni–a’s hair or some sh-t like that and didn’t mention my name specifically, but it’s like one of those things that you know was directed to you.

Stitches says he honestly just wanted to fight The Game one on one.

“Nah, I wanted to see him put his hands up and walk toward me and then we would get down. That’s it… Yeah, [I wanted to shoot a fair one with The Game]. I ain’t trying to jump people or none of that crazy shit. That’s pu–y sh-t.”

Some people have suggested a Celebrity Boxing match in LA next month between the two rappers. Stitches says that they are both acting like children and could honestly sit and talk things out.

“Yeah, dog, it is what it is. I don’t give a sh-t. At the end of the day, both of us are acting like children right now to be honest. But we can handle it in the ring or we can talk about it, and that’s it.”

Stitches goes on to say,

“If Game’s a man and he can talk it out with me, we can just talk about it, If we have to throw our hands, we throw our hands. If he wants to squash it, we squash it. It ain’t shit, dog. At the end of the day, this shit is stupid already. If he want to be a man about it, we can step into that ring like nothing. That’s that. The situation is done. If he wants to talk about it, we can talk about it. The situation is done.”

Hopefully the two can sit down and talk things over the right way. That would be nice, because honestly things truly did not have to go the way they did.