We haven’t heard Kreayshawn’s name for quite some time ever since her one-hit, “Gucci Gucci,” was getting air-play. However, she broke her silence and revealed that life isn’t treating her that great at the current moment.

“Can’t believe the day came. The IRS wiped my whole bank account clean. 4 days before X-mas. I’m completely devastated,” the Oakland native tweeted out. “When people say.. it’s okay you been thru worse… Iono if that’s even true and if it is then Wow my life is really SH*T! LOL!”

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She ended her Twitter rant about the IRS ruining her holidays by saying, “The chronicle misfortunes of piece of white trash from Oakland. My best selling novel.”

Not too long ago, she revealed she only made ONE CENT off album sales.

Hopefully things get better for Kreayshawn. Pay your taxes though, boo! Uncle Sam is no joke.