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The Josh Norman and Odell Beckham Jr. saga continues.  OBJ was suspended for one-game (which he is appealing) for his antics during the Carolina Panthers 38-35 win over the New York Giants this past Sunday.  Beckham and Norman fought throughout the entire game but Beckham seemed particularly upset and no one could figure out why he was going so insane.  Well it turns out Beckham was reportedly threatened with a baseball bat and taunted with homophobic slurs.

Carolina Panthers practice squad player Marcus Ball is captured on camera walking onto the field with a baseball bat.  You can hear someone call Odell’s name in the video then Ball had a brief exchange with Beckham while holding the bat.  You can see him making motions with it but it’s unclear what’s said.  Norman is later seen with the bat but isn’t captured on film having any exchange with Beckham while holding it.

As for the homophobic slurs, Giants players on the field say they heard Panthers defensive players aim them at Beckham.  And for anyone that doubts that, just look at Twitter and you’ll see TONS of “jokes” aimed at Beckham’s sexuality, it isn’t uncommon.

According to ESPN, Panthers spokesman Steven Drummond denied Monday that any member of the team used the bat to threaten Beckham. Drummond said the bat tradition is “nothing new.” The Panthers have carried bats onto the field during pregame warm-ups throughout the season. The bats are meant to symbolize home-run plays and “bringing the wood.”

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