An elementary school lunch lady was fired after she was caught by her supervisor giving free lunch to a 12-year-old little girl who said she was hungry but did not have any money to pay. I guess the world is a little more screwed up than we thought!

See her heartbreaking interview after the jump.

Nae Bella | Twitter

Dalene Bowden says that when she was initially caught by her supervisor and placed on a leave from work and was told she would be contacted by her supervisor when she could return to work. The opportunity to return to work never came when Bowden receive an official letter of termination for the school board.

Parents and other residents are outraged at the news of the fired lunch lady, most saying the school district has things backwards.

Giving free lunch to a hungry child is commendable deed and if it isn’t then the world we live in is more screwed up than we thought! What do you think of this mess? Let us know in the comments!