Almost everyone has a Twitter and constantly tweets everyday. Twitter is a a place where you can read about what celebrities are doing and which celebrities have beef with each other. Like Drake said “trigger fingers turn into Twitter fingers.” But Page Six has named it’s top celebrity tweeters this year and the list ranges from the cast of Love and Hip Hop all the way to Kim Kardashian. But Funk Master Flex is taking home the crown this year because he is the top celebrity tweeter of 2015! Check out the rest of the story after the jump.

Instagram | Carli Knox

Twitter has named it’s top celebrity tweeters of 2015 and IFWT’s very own Funk Master Flex made the cut but he didn’t just make the cut by the skin of his teeth. He is just so happens to be Twitter’s #1 celebrity tweeter! Not only did he get recognized for the amount of tweets he tweeted this year but he has tweeted quite a few big booties this year and I am sure his following base isn’t complaining. He tweeted a total of 42,859 tweets this year. So if you wanna do the math and get technical that is 121 tweets per day so basically that’s like five tweets an hour. That’s a lot of tweets! I wonder if Flex has ever landed himself in twitter jail this year? Lol! But anyways congratulations Funk Master Flex on being the top celeb tweeter of 2015! Check out the video below and look what other celebrities were on Twitter the most this year and comment below and tell us what you think.

Source: Page Six