You can count Charles Barkley as among those people who have no love for the Christmas season. Barkley, who is always known to speak exactly how he feels whether people like it or not, explained how his life as an athlete changed his perception about the holiday.


While speaking with ESPN’s “Mike & Mike”, Barkley went off, saying people expect too much from you when you have money at this time of year.

“Man, ya know, Christmas is not a lot of fun for me. It’s just a big waste of money,” he said. “When you’re black and rich, everybody thinks they’re a part of your family. Everybody is a relative. Everybody wants a really nice gift. It’s like your family members, one year you buy them a house, the next year you buy them a car, the next year you buy them a sweater. They look at you like, ‘You only got me a sweater?’

“They always want the gifts to escalate, so you can’t ever get them a sweater if you bought them a house the year before because they get pissed. I’m not a big Christmas fan. I’m a firm believer that Santa Claus should only bring kids gifts. I think Santa Claus should bring everybody gifts until the get out of high school, and then that’s it. That’s my personal opinion.”

While I am sure Chuck’s experiences aren’t the same as everyone else, it’s easy to see where he is coming from.