When you are the biggest superstar in the NBA, the league is going to want you to be part of their biggest days on the calendar. For Lebron James, that means pretty much always having to play on Christmas day because it’s such a marquee day for the league. Problem for Bron is, despite his star power he usually gets stuck having to travel and play on the road, rather than have teams come to him. It’s an issue that has not been lost on Bron and how it makes him feel about the holiday.


Friday will be the seventh road game out of the 10 games he’s played. Has having Dec. 25 tied up allowed James and his family to develop any alternative traditions?

“Not at all,” James said Wednesday morning after the Cavs’ shootaround in preparation for the New York Knicks on Wednesday night. “I won’t be with my family on Christmas, unfortunately. … They’re not even here [in Ohio] right now. They’re in L.A. right now, actually. So, no, we have no traditions. If I can get a home game on Christmas, then we’ll have a tradition.”

Those comments are actual mild compared to what James said back in 2010 about being forced to play on Christmas.

“If you ask any player in the league, we’d rather be home with our families,” James said in 2010 before his Miami Heat were set to play the Los Angeles Lakers on the road. “I think the people that even set the games up would rather be home with their family during this day. It’s not just a regular holiday. It’s definitely one of those days that you wish you could wake up in the morning with the kids and open up presents.”

James star power actually probably works against him on days like this. The NBA already knows Cavs games will sellout regardless but sending the King on the road will only draw more people to other cities to watch him as well. He does have a point though, most of the time the star player gets catered to and would have teams coming to play against him in Cleveland.