Bill Clinton’s childhood home in Arkansas went up in flames yesterday morning. Fire officials suspect arson. The 117 S. Hervey St home was owned by Clintons grandparents. The National Park Service kept the home as an historic site. With just a little bit of evidence to go off of, officials do sense foul play.

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Hope Fire Department Chief Dale Blanton released a statement saying,

“There’s just evidence and signs that we do believe it was intentionally set.

Hope Police Chief J.R. Wilson says that the fire started about 3:20am Friday. Wilson also said that there was a very “strong odor of accelerant” along with graffiti on the sidewalk that lead up to the walkway. The graffiti consisted of the number 55 and a smiley face that had X’s for eyes and a tongue sticking out. Im not sure who Bill pissed off or why someone would want to do such a horrible thing. Officials say that the number 55 is known to mean “haha.”

Although the building suffered extensive damage, other building that were apart of the home like the giftshop was not affected.