Lupe Fiasco recently alerted the hip-hop world when he announced in 2016 he would dropping 3 full length albums – not including his also recently announced “The Cool 2” in winter 2017. Although, not giving any further information for the upcoming trifecta besides one album title titled Drogas, he stated to fans, “not taking any questions at this time”. Well now he’s ready to talk on Twitter, as he gives Lupe fans the next two titles of his albums that are expected to release next year. Hit the jump for more.


Ok, so we know we are getting Drogas (the Spanish term for Drugs – let that be a possible inclination as to where the album will take us). Second up will be Skulls and third up will be Roy. All followed the next year by The Cool 2, proceeding one of his classic works of art, 2007’s The Cool.

Could Drogas – Skulls – Roy be all intertwined with a purposeful lead up to The Cool’s sequel?

There isn’t much information for any of the albums except that they are to come in the next year. If anyone has any ideas as to where they think these albums could possibly take us, visually, lyrically, metaphorically, or just artistically, feel free to drop in your opinion in the comments below!