DeMarcus Cousins made the Christmas season a little easier for about 100 kids from low income families. This is the fourth year he has done this since getting to Sacramento and it truly has an impact.


“It’s the greatest feeling ever,” Cousins told Yahoo Sports. “To me, that’s the real world. There is none of the basketball here. That’s a fantasy world. Putting a smile on kids, putting a smile on families’ faces, changing people’s lives with your so-called status and celebrity with your so-called impact, that’s reality.”

Four years ago, Cousins developed the “Santa Cuz” holiday persona in an effort to help the community. The 6-foot-11, 270-pounder actually dressed up like Santa Claus the first two years, but this time he wore a Kings purple Santa hat during the $20,000 shopping spree at Arden Fair Mall on Dec. 14. The 2015 All-Star gave each of the children – who ranged from elementary school age to high school – $200 gift certificates to buy Christmas presents. Most appeared to use the gift cards for presents not only for themselves but for their family members as well.

“Christmas is a financial strain on most families. I am going to do my part,”