Tasha Smith has recently been asking herself “Why Did I Get Married?” after a judge has just granted her annulment grounds due to her husband, Keith Douglas living a double life. Not only was Douglas living unfaithfully, he also had kids that Smith had no clue about and he was a fraud. Smith has been having marital troubles for quite some time now, but this time, its officially over.

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Douglas has been seen trying to prove his innocence as he took to one of the biggest platforms to tell his story….Social Media! Doulas went on Twitter yesterday trying to plead his case.
He started off by saying,

“There’s a difference between the law of the world & the law of God. I’m so grateful that God remains the final judge.”

Douglas then seemed to start bringing spirituality and religion into his pleading. He wrote an open letter speaking on his love for Tasha. While Tasha has been retweeting all support coming from her fans and loved ones, she has yet to respond on the incident. Douglas’s last tweet says that he is “moving on.” Smith’s friend, Tisha Campbell responded to Douglas saying “Im glad you moved on.” Campbell has been by her friend Tasha on this hard journey.

Check Out Douglas’s open letter in the gallery.