Remember when Erykah Badu shaded Iggy Azalea at the Soul Train Awards? I know right, how could anyone forget. Well since then Erykah Badu has apologized to Iggy but it seems as if the conversation on whether Iggy should be labeled as a rapper is still hot! In a recent interview with VladTV Taxstone of Tax Season was asked, if he thinks that Iggy Azalea is not a rapper and he quickly responded, “I think Iggy Azalea is a rapper!”

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Taxstone, the host of the podcast show ‘Tax Season’ jumped to Iggy Azalea’s defense when asked if he thinks that Iggy Azalea is not a rapper. Taxstone said,

“Why is Iggy Azalea not a rapper? Why? Nobody can explain that to me, everybody say “she’s fake, she’s acting like she’s in the cult.” What are half these rappers doing? Are they really selling drugs? No, no.”

He then goes on to use the rapper T.I as an example and he says

“Do you see T.I., right T.I. is with his family, he’s hanging with his kids, and im not saying T.I aint bugged out or no sh*t but what im saying is that, you understand these people have legal jobs, they’re not doing what they say they’re doing.”


“How is she not hip hop? Hip hop is fake! Thats what hip hop is now, its not real, hip hop is not real. If it was real mother ***** would really be dying. ”

Well it looks like Iggy is not alone, and although people enjoy saying she isn’t a rapper, there are other people who think otherwise.

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