Kendrick Lamar is arguably the hardest-working man in show business. With recently tallying 11 grammy nominations with his already considered classic To Pimp A Butterfly sophomore album, K. Dot details what it takes to make it big and how he has gone about reaching his level of success with this humbling yet motivational public service announcement video. Hit the jump.


In the video below, Kendrick Lamar Duckworth acts as a mentor to a young boy playing basketball, who he meets on the court. It doesn’t take long before the aspiring basketball player realizes that Kendrick is famous. Kendrick shrugs off recognition by stating “He just recognize hard work”, remaining humble.

This has been Kendrick’s attitude for all of his career, coming into the game a humble individual – which helps him stand out from the rest of the pack in today’s “rappers”. Let alone overall artists for that matter.

The young boy (who I think was purposely put there to symbolize Kendrick as a young boy, who at the time had dreams of being a professional basketball player), sees all the love Kendrick gets throughout the town, from a guy recognizing Kendrick on the court to girls asking for a selfie on the street, and K. Dot wants the boy to remember one thing: hard work.

Check the video below: