For some Christmas is about celebrating the birth of sweet baby Jesus and for others it’s about spending ridiculously crazy amounts of money to please the kiddies and keep them on trend. Fab went above and beyond this holiday season gifting his young protege with a gift worth more than some people’s cars.

Nae Bella | Twitter

While some kids just want video games and remote control cars Prince Joso decided to stunt like his daddy for Christmas and Fab definitely made it happen. The rapper posted a holiday flick on Instagram of his son Johan “dabbing” with a watch fans couldn’t help but notice.

These kids wear crowns over here..Dab

Is what he captioned the pictured of his son who looks like a miniature light-skinned version of him with his Brooklyn hair cut and Bape sweats. The custom rolex is made small to fit Johan’s tiny wrist and with the price tag on these types of watches we’re hoping it’s able to be sized up as this kid grows. Even if it can’t, his rich daddy will probably just buy a new. The life!

Hit up the gallery to see the watch Fab copped Prince Joso for Christmas!

Source: Instagram