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Former NBA player Jeff Adrien was arrested for allegedly stealing a car from a hotel valet in Hollywood and then taking it on a joyride.  Adrien has been charged with a felony.

Adrien was arrested for allegedly taking a 2015 Mercedes S550 from a hotel valet on Dec. 7th without permission from the actual owner.

Adrien allegedly drove the car around town before eventually returning it to the hotel. He was arrested a short time later when the owner discovered what happened.

Adrien’s rep had previously told TMZ Sports the whole thing was a giant misunderstanding and it would all be cleared up.

But now it’s clear that really isn’t the case because prosecutors have hit the 29-year-old with one count of driving or taking a vehicle without consent, a felony.

If convicted, Adrien faces up to 3 years behind bars. The case is due back in court on Dec. 30th.

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source: TMZ Sports