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Many people have problems with the fans voting in the NBA All-Star starters as it’s more of a popularity contest rather than players who actually deserve the spot.  John Wall has become used to being snubbed (prior All Star games & USA mens teams) but after viewing the first returns for the 2016 NBA All-Star game and seeing he’s fifth amongst Eastern Conference backcourt players, Wall called it a joke.

John Wall is averaging 22.8 points on 47.2 percent shooting and 11.8 assists in 14 games in December and the Wizards are on a four-game win streak.  Kyrie Irving – a three time All Star –  is second in voting behind Dwyane Wade despite playing in just three games after missing six months with a fractured knee cap.

“It’s a joke” Wall, who didn’t make one mention of his strained right ligament in his knee, bruise on the same knee, high right ankle sprain and bone spur, told CSNmidatlantic.com after his 15th double-double. “I played like horseshit the first month and a half but I still was averaging like 16 and eight. That’s not bad numbers.”

“I guess it’s the record. No offense Kyrie, he’s played (three) games,” Wall said. “If he was healthy he probably would be in that position because he’d be playing well. I can see him there because that’s how talented he is.”

If the numbers continue as is, Dwyane Wade and Kyrie Irving will be the starting backcourt for the East.  Wall has a chance to make the team if selected by the coaches.  Wall is also trailing Kyle Lowry and Jimmy Butler respectively in the NBA All-Star fan voting.

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