IFWT_Kanye West Nick Young

Nick Young aka “Swaggy P” always has an interesting quote to give us.  On Monday the Los Angeles Lakers played the Charlotte Hornets.  It was also Kobe Bryant’s last game in Charlotte as he’s preparing to retire at the end of this season.  As a special tribute to Bryant, Hornets owner Michael Jordan put together a message for Kobe that aired on the jumbotron prior to the player intros.  Young had an interesting comparison for the event.

According to Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters, Nick Young said Michael Jordan’s message to Kobe on the jumbotron was great: “It’s like Kanye getting on the Tron & shoutin’ me out.”

Oh Nick you are a special one.  He might be the only person to compare Kanye West to Michael Jordan although their attitudes might be similar since Kanye has been closely compared to Kobe and Kobe is compared to Jordan.

In any event it’s obvious Kanye is special to Nick, Young often balls in his Yeezys which makes sneakerheads all over the country weep.

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