Shy Glizzy

While performing in Memphis earlier this month, DC rapper Shy Glizzy got his chain stolen. The culprits have since proudly flaunted the piece on their social media pages, claiming they retaliated simply because he refused to do a song with them. Glizzy later responded in a series of now-deleted tweets, saying the chain had fallen off his neck and they’d merely snatched it up, and there wasn’t some big fight as many had insinuated.

Now Glizzy is putting his response on wax with “Cut It”, and not only comes for the Memphis goons that relieved him of his possessions, but blogger DJ Akademiks as well for posting about it. (Which is kind of odd, but okay.)

Marisa Mendez: Twitter || Instagram

On the track, Glizzy addresses the robbers with lines like:

“Boy how you want a feature and got no cheese”


“Chain hit the floor and broke boys had a f*cking scrimmage
You say you a robber I’m saying, so why ain’t you go at my bands”

He also claims he has the chain back:

“Oh yeah and I got the chain
But I’m not wearing that sh*t
I can’t wear that shit after lames
I told my jeweler more carats and sh*t”

Do you believe him? Listen to the track here, and check out Akademiks’ response below.