IFWT_Gilbert Arenas Laura Govan

Yesterday I posted a video of Gilbert Arenas taking his kids for a ride in his Polaris Slingshot.  His son Alijah was on the hood of the car as Arenas drove.  Well the mother of Arenas’ kids Laura Govan saw a perfect opportunity to pounce!

Arenas was on “TMZ Live” Tuesday and scoffed at Govan’s allegation he’s a reckless parent by putting little Alijah on the front of a Polaris Slingshot and driving at around 15 MPH.

Gilbert said he got an email from Laura’s people saying they were going to try and take custody away from him.

Laura — who currently has primary physical custody — will reportedly go to court and ask the judge to significantly reduce Gilbert’s visitation. She also wants the judge to impose safeguards so the kids aren’t put in dangerous situations.

As one Laura source put it, “This is just the straw that broke the camel’s back. He’s done many other things.”

Arenas says it’s just a money grab, if Govan gets full custody she’ll get more money.  He says apparently $35,000 per month isn’t enough.  Sheeeesh

In case you didn’t know, Gilbert and Laura have been at war for several years, and it’s getting worse or as one source put it, “ferocious.”

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