We are hours away from a New Year, and instead of celebrating the good things that has happened to him this year (e.g., his baby boy), Benzino is in his feelings about blogs, bloggers and the people whom support them.

Apparently, someone got ahold of the wrong naked photo of the reality star, because he went off about Black writers that “love to hate each other,” he writes.

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Blogs like shade room, bossip, fameolous and many others like those that are set up to ruin us are one of the reasons why our people will never progress, and the worse thing is, these writers are BLACK!!! It’s like we love to hate each other, smh make a change before its to late, STOP SUPPORTING NEGATIVITY ABOUT OUR PEOPLE, IT’S BAD ENOUGH WE HAVE TO FIGHT THE SYSTEM THAT IS CLEARLY AGAINST US!!!! ???❤️?. ?IGNORANT GOSSP JUNKIES

As if lil ol’ blogger(s) (who must make their money as well as any reality star) bashing wasn’t enough, the man who wifed a woman that had sex with his bestie came for the ones who support blogs.

“What’s the matter idiot? You mad? Go pick up a book you damn fool,” he shames someone who had an opinion about his ranting. “Your insults can’t hurt me cause you proved your self today to be an uneducated ignorant fool.”

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