New York Knicks forward Cleanthony Early was shot after leaving CityScapes gentelmen’s club in Queens, NY.  Early called an Uber which was later surrounded by three cars, then six masked gunmen robbed Early of his cash, jewelry, and gold teeth then shot him in the knee.  The Uber driver nor the woman he was with whom is being described as his girlfriend were hurt.  Many believe it was a set up with both the driver and his “girlfriend” being informally accused.  The Uber driver was officially ruled out as a suspect.  Now the woman he was with him,Iliani Douge, is speaking out about the incident.

“It was a messed up situation,” the 25-year-old Douge told the Daily News outside her Brooklyn home. “It’s not what you expect when you go out to have a good time.”

The couple was taking an Uber cab home hours after the Knicks beat the Pistons in Madison Square Garden when three cars surrounded the vehicle at a red light, security video showed.

The Uber zipped off as the suspects exited their cars. The attackers then continued the pursuit, boxing the cab in at the next intersection and descending on the couple.

Early is in stable condition.  He was shot in the same knee that required arthroscopic surgery last season.  The bullet reportedly went straight through and didn’t do any damage; he reportedly did not require surgery.

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