Cam Newton makes alot of people not like him with his cocky bravado on the field. He knows he is talented and isn’t scared to let you know about it. If his newborn son inherited any of his athletic ability, he definitely has the right name to be a star and be cocky himself. Say hello to Chosen Sebastian Newton.


We had the story for you yesterday about Cam announcing the birth but there was no word on what the baby’s name was.

Although li’l Chosen came into this world a week ago, Newton kept the information under wraps (swaddled?) until Wednesday, because, as he explained via Twitter, the quarterback didn’t want to cause a distraction for his Carolina Panthers. It was also understandable that he might first want to share such a wonderful Christmas gift with those closest to him.

“My longtime girlfriend and I were extremely blessed to have a son last week. Our family is excited and thank you all for the well wishes! I’ve been quiet about this because I didn’t want to create a distraction for my team and appreciate the privacy in this joyous time”.

Cam continued on explaining the feeling of being a new dad.

“It was pretty cool, pretty cool,” Newton said of becoming a father. “All fathers can speak on – when you see life come into existence, it’s a wonderful thing. These past couple of days have been so monumental for me.

“I took him out for a jog yesterday. He was running alongside me … No, I’m serious. He has a couple of scholarship offers already on the table. I’m not pushing him to be anything. He’s just a ‘Super’ already.”

Congrats again to Cam and his girlfriend on their Christmas gift.