The NFL offices and Commissioner Roger Goodell are not gonna be fans of Richard Sherman’s latest comments. That’s because he is keeping it real and speaking on the concussions that happen every Sunday during NFL games.


The Concussion movie already reportedly had the NFL nervous, so you can bet they would wish their players wouldn’t speak on the topic too much. Yes, players understand it is a physical game and there are risks, but the way the NFL still tries to downplay concussions and head injuries is problematic.

As part of a press conference posted on the Seahawks’ official website (starting at the 7:15 mark), Sherman touched on the very real issue of concussions when asked if he had watched the movie:

“I have not—I see a concussion movie every Sunday for free,” Sherman said. “Don’t need to go to the theater.”

The thing is he is 100% correct. For each case that gets recognized and treated each week, there are other players who slip through the cracks because they are able to play it off better and not have the training staff thinking there might be a problem.

With all that said, Sherman should still go see the movie because it is pretty damn good.