Earlier this week, Cleanthony Early was shot in the knee and robbed after leaving a strip club in Queens. It once again sheds light on how athletes and entertainers are targets when they step out when they are just trying to have a good night. It also sparked another conversation on gun control in which Early’s teammate Carmelo Anthony spoke his peace.


You can tell Melo was very bothered and concerned with what happened to Early. He knows something needs to be done about gun control, although he was real enough to admit he doesn’t know what exactly it is that can be done.

“I mean, we got to do something,” he said. “I mean, you feel it. I felt it in Baltimore, in that situation, the Freddie Gray situation, and I’m feeling it now with a teammate of mine that’s much closer. It’s just something that we have to do. We’ve got to figure it out. I don’t know how we figure it out. I don’t have the answers. I’m pretty sure a lot of people are working on trying to figure that out. But we have to do something.”

Early is feeling ok and should be fine going forward after he recovers but everyone knows things could have been worse. Early spoke on the incident and thanks people for their support in an Instagram post. You can see that in that gallery.