A Los Angeles police officer received a nice come up for the new year after settling his lawsuit with The Game for a cool $100K! This entire story is such a joke but it is what it is.


Back in March, game punched Onyebuhi Awaji, who was a police officer and was off duty playing hoops. Things got heated and one point and the Game clearly punches him but there is not much force behind it. At the time the Game went even further, saying the officer was threatening his life so he felt he had to defend himself.

The officer sued and was declared the winner after Game didn’t even bother to show up for any court proceedings. The $100K breakdown is as follows. $60K to Awaji for “damages” and another $40K just to basically teach Game a lesson of sorts. The officer basically saw dollar signs when he got punched and followed through to make sure he got some.