Tom Coughlin has been a staple on the New York Giants sidlines for 12 years now but judging from the sounds of reports, his journey is about to come to an end. Coughlin is expected to announce his resignation this Monday, aka “Black Monday” for NFL head coaches.


In 12 seasons with the Giants, Coughlin has won two Super Bowls and three divisiion titles, reached the playoffs five times and posted a 102-89 record. However, the Giants last made the playoffs during his second Super Bowl season in 2011 and this year’s team is 6-9 and will post their third straight losing season.

Giants fans still have very fond memories of Coughlin but since things have been bad for a few years in a row now, the time is probably best for him to exit gracefully while he still can. It is just time for a new voice in that locker room.

Expect the Giants to play extra hard against the Eagles this Sunday, knowing their leader for more than a decade will be saying his good bye. It’s been a great run.