Back in February, Marie Holmes won the $188 million jackpot. I can only imagine what I would do with that money. Something worth my while. To Holmes, that something is the love she has for her boyfriend Lamar McDow a.k.a. “Hot Sauce.”

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Marie Holmes, the North Carolina resident, has bailed out her boyfriend “Hot Sauce,” for times since she has won the lottery. His in and out of jail has costed her about $12 million. She recently bailed her lover out of jail for $9 million. Holmes will have to pay a 10% non refundable fee to the bail bonds man. She had posted a $3 million and $6 million bond after her boyfriend violated his pre trial release. Hot Sauce is facing charges on weapon, assault, and drugs.

Sources say that Holmes’s lover was last arrested for setting up a street race between two Corvettes. He wears an ankle bracelet that limits his traveling to home, work, court and church. I know they say we do crazy things for love but this is pretty outrageous. All that money wasted on bail for a man that clearly is not learning his lesson. Couldnt be me.

Source: VladTV