So it looks like Waka Flocka will be dropping another new mixtape and this one is going to be a collab! Read more after the jump for all the details!

Kye || Instagram

Its been just a little over a month since the Flockavelli 1.5 mixtape dropped and now the Atlanta-based rapper is talking about dropping #Anotherone! Just yesterday Flocka took it to twitter to tweet about a possible upcoming mixtape collaboration with Southside. Flocka tweeted

“@sizzle808MAFIA We dropping a tape this month who ready..”

This tweet comes just a day after the rapper also went to twitter to open up about his current state and relationship with his record label. Heres what he said,

“I just wanna say FUCK my major label #AtlanticRecords”


“Fucking selling dreams”


“Roll one for me y’all”

Now a new mixtape from the rapper would be great news for all his fans who have been patiently waiting for the release of his third solo album, Flockavelli 2. The rapper is currently battling a one-sided war against his label over the delay on the release of that album.

Well hopefully this mixtape drops soon, but hopefully Waka will be able to drop his album soon, now that would be even better news!

Check out the gallery to see some of Waka’s tweets.