Can you say….WORLDSTAARRR?! Lol this dude walked in his apartment and caught his wife cheating on him butt naked with another man and how he handled the situation was…unorthodox to say the least. But, he definitely takes home the W in this situation. Hit the jump for the full video!


So, the guy walks in his apartment calls out his wife’s name a midst the pitch black darkness, and also calls out another name – the man who he suspects his banging his wife. They both answer and the man has got his footage to show the judge in court for an official divorce, right as he drops their house key to show he’s not playing games with their marriage or their daughter’s upbringing.

All he cares about is his daughter, being done with his wife and wishes the adulterer’s farewell and says he knows the dude who is sleeping with his woman is actually a good man. Lol peep the vid below:

Source: WorldStarHipHop