A man wearing only a mask and sock (not on his feet) was caught on camera on the porch of someones home this week. Danielle and Bart Yancey who live in Birmingham, AL were enjoying their New Year’s Eve when they spotted a naked man on their porch. They aren’t sure who the man is but Danielle uploaded the video to her Facebook account to warn other near by neighbors about the naked peeping tom. Check out the video after the jump.

Instagram | Carli Knox

Imagine just relaxing in the privacy of your own home and then spotting a naked man in a mask on your porch. Oh hell no! That is exactly what happened to Danielle and Bart Yancey on New Year’s Eve. They aren’t to sure why the man was on their property or why he was naked but they believe that he could of been drunk or high.

The video shows the man come through a gate and peeping into Danielle and Bart’s window. The home owners have many questions as to why the naked outlaw was on their property and what his real intentions were. The man ended up running away as soon as he seen Bart. He probably got scared. Bart described the encounter “creepy, weird and a little funny” but Nancy is worried because she thinks that man can end up getting himself hurt.

“If this was a fun prank, be aware there are guns in homes. He could get hurt.”

Yancey said.

The police were called but they never found the masked naked man. This is actually hilarious but at the same time so strange. What would you do if you seen a naked man peeping through your window? Comment below and let us know.

Source: KFVS12