Everyone has an opinion about the Bill Cosby case, but as of yet no concrete evidence has been presented to give audiences the answers they’ve been craving. In his 5-min commentary Spoken Reasons goes in about the possibility of conspiracy, warning his brothers and sisters not to be blind to the media’s antics. They paint Bill Cosby out to be such a vulture, allowing those of other races who committed the same crimes to slip through the cracks of justice.

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Nae Bella | Twitter

This is not to say that Cosby did not commit the crimes he is accused of, BUT what happened to guilty until proven innocent? African Americans are so quick to condemn our own people, but will give others a slap on the back of the hand for committing the same exact crimes against us.

With nearly two-million subscribers, Spoken Reasons is famous on Youtube for his hilarious comedy skits that share a good laugh while also dropping a little knowledge. He’s known for playing the Devil’s advocate in some instances as well as opening the minds of his viewers to ideas and opinions that sometimes spark very critical debates in his comments.

It’s great to see him using his platform to speak on important issues like the charges against Bill Cosby.

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