A woman by the name of Liziane Gutierrez accused Chris Brown of striking her in the eye over the weekend, alleging it happened because he was upset she snuck her phone into his Las Vegas party and took a photo of him. Chris immediately responded to the allegations in a video, saying not only has he never met Liziane, but she’s far too ugly to have been rubbing elbows with him.

He later added another post, this time saying that he will be making his circle smaller to prevent his “friends” from inviting these type of women to be around him, and that he’d be pursuing legal action against her and any other false accusers (as there were two just last year), for defamation.

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Now Liziane has responded in a video of her own, telling Chris that he needs to be a better person on the inside and not call her ugly because she’s receiving death threats. But wait – why does she have NO injury if she was just hit the day before? And why wouldn’t he call you out of your name if you’re falsely accusing him you psycho? Ugh, some people are sick.