These young girls have taken head to the old women that waited years to come for Bill Cosby, with no payment in sight; they’ve gone too far (in the words of Tyga’s latest single)..

Thanks to an article ran in OK! magazine, 14-year-old model and singer (aren’t they all) Molly O’Malia, with her attorney Gloria Allred right by her side (damn near up her a**), reveals herself as the teen that has been accused of putting a damper on Tyga and Kylie Jenner’s relationship.

According to O’Malia, the poor pixelated picture used by OK! is the reason she needed to come out into the open.

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During an obviously scripted (and oh-so-hilarious) statement made in NYC, O’Malia talks how Tyga let it go down in the Instagram DM. She claims that he was the one who initiated conversation, and while she was surprised and thought that it was about her music, she later found out that it was not.

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#IJS: BULLSHIT! So far, the girl’s only beef is with OK! magazine. Everyone is trying to make a come-up, this is just the wrong way to go about it for a teenybopper.